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You are a corporation,
an administration,
an association...

You want to communicate through video.

Streamlike is an integrated solution for media content management (encoding, hosting, delivery, enrichment, statistics ...).

You are a web agency,
a production company,
a software integrator...

You produce contents or develop rich interfaces...
Streamlike, offers you :
> development tools,
> solutions for your client needs.

You're a hosting provider,
an Internet Service Provider ...

You want to connect to video.

Streamlike is an integrated solution for managing your media content (encoding, hosting, distribution, enrichment, statistics ...) and SaaS.

Organize your growing volume of video content into webTVs, for easy searching and browsing using tags, playlists, keywords, etc...
Think of Streamlike as your "source for streaming"
- Manage all your media in one place (encoding, hosting, advertising, analytics, etc.)
- Distribute to a multitude of channels (web, mobile, podcast) through a single entry point: "Upload once, publish everywhere"